Our Core Values

The whole five yards by the mast

Just like a tall ship has a mast, yards, and sails as its primary form of propulsion; Océanie's organisational structure, core ethos, and supporting principles drive us forward and enable us to catch the prevailing winds of success. These values are what guide our behaviours and shared vision to provide a first-class administrative service for the maritime domain.

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Five Core values that amplify our cultural perspective

Transparent and steadfast

We are here to provide business operations support to maritime business owners and executives, entrusted to lead organisations, manage people, and make critical decisions that can have a direct impact on the lives of others. To support such decision makers, not only do we need to be trustworthy, we need to be dependable too. We cannot achieve this unless 'we are what it says on our tin'. We will be assessed by our actions, authenticity, and accountability (both as individuals and as an organisation). We are loyal to our clients, collaborators, and strategic partners because they trust us with their business and therefore are invested in the success of ours. 


A moral compass to guide our decisions and practices

We need to be able to think differently and from new perspectives when faced with adversity. To do so, we need to be confident in our ability to able to imagine options, possibilities, and consequences. Followed up by electing the most appropriate decision that is for the benefit of both our client and our business in terms of credibility, efficiency, profitability, and sustainability. Our impact has a direct effect on our clients as well as ourselves (and indirectly our client's leads and a vessel's cargo, crew, and passengers). Knowing what is morally right or wrong is a pre-requisite of business excellence.


Doing the right thing even when no-one is watching

We believe in acting with courage rather than comfort. Acting with self-discipline, we avoid doing what could be viewed as fast, fun, and easy just to get the job done.  We aim for honesty, truthfulness, and accuracy in everything we do. This applies both professionally and personally.  How we act in all aspects of our lives can and will have influence over how others perceive us as individuals and the organisations we represent. Integrity encompasses accountability, courage, humility,  justice, openness, responsibility, and self-respect. If you don't have integrity, you have nothing at all as no other value can prevail without it. 


Manners cost nothing, but are worth everything

It can take a lifetime to build, and a second to destroy. And once it is lost, it can never be regained. Treating people with courtesy, politeness and kindness is the epicentre of social etiquette and customer service.  This includes 360 feedback,  active listening, being considerate to cultural differences, plus eliminating unconscious bias and discrimination It also embraces the opinions and ideas of others, along with challenge and debate. We value the capability and contributions of our associates and clients,  as this drives our holistic approach. Maritime is an inclusive global network that is rich in diversity, something that our community is incredibly proud of and Oceanie is humbled to be within. 


Strength of will and determination to achieve our goals

Just like at sea, to succeed in business requires drive, self-belief, patience, and perseverance. We exercise a 'can do' attitude, aiming to be problem solvers, not defeatists. Our positivity enables us to perform with zest and a sense of purpose.  Our strength of character provides the ability to sustain our commitment to the maritime domain, even in the most difficult of situations. Sure, there may be times that we experience disappointment, but we turn negative situations into positive end results and grow from the experience. We don't focus on the short term problems, rather on the long term goals. Our diligence to serve the maritime domain feeds our confidence to navigate through any given situation, even if we initially don't know-how. 

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