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I have known Laura in a professional capacity within the Sail Training industry since 2011, and have collaborated with her on a number of projects from Australia via email, conference call, online forum, and face-to-face interactions at the annual sail training conferences.

During the time I have known Laura, I have been able to work with, observe and collaborate with her in the sail training environment in a number of different roles including as a sail training researcher in the United Kingdom and Australia and as a presenter of a range of sail training and experiential education topics both nationally and internationally.

The standard of her work and her presentations has been consistently high and well received. She has taken opportunities to seek advice from her peers and colleagues allowing her to strengthen her reports and presentations where required. This willingness to seek advice places her in a good position to continually learn from those around her allowing her to grow as a researcher and contributor to an international field.

She is dedicated and driven the achieve the best results she can in her work and ensure her results are of benefit to the local and wider community.

Sail Training Charity Trustee

Laura lived and worked onboard our Tall Ship for a period of one month, and she was involved with both sea and shore-based duties. During her assignment, the vessel was involved in the Maritime Trades Tall Ships festival which saw Laura participate in both day sails and an overnight voyage. Her assistance with sail handling, training, and supervision of passengers was greatly valued. She quickly demonstrated a great aptitude for working onboard a new vessel, adopting different roles around the deck as required. She also assisted the catering and stewarding team during busy periods when not required on deck. 

Or vessel also works in conjunction with the South Australia Maritime Museum, running educational programmes for school students. Over a period of one week, Laura assisted with supervising over 400 students who participated in a variety of activities. The vessel benefited greatly from her contributions based on her knowledge of other vessels and oversea experience.

Crew who live onboard the vessel are expected to contribute to the ongoing maintenance programme. Laura was involved with work on the hull, the rigging, and updating of charts. The need to learn new skills posed no issue to her. She was quick to embrace new challenges and took pride in each and every task. This was reflected in the high standard of work produced.  

Despite her short stay, Laua quickly became a valued member of the crew. It was a pleasure having her on board and I can highly recommend her as a hardworking and passionate member of a team. I wish her every success in the future.


Laura has been with sail training since 2004 and during that time has been a tremendous asset as a volunteer Youth Mentor and 2nd Cook; working on both Brigs and Challenger yachts. Laura is an excellent Youth Mentor who is great with young people, she also works well under direction - she is currently developing her sailing skills with us with a view to becoming a Watch Leader. Laura always works very hard and always gives 100%.

Fleet Co-ordinator

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