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Supporting the Armed Forces community: Providing self-employment and small business opportunities.

For Armed Forces Day 2020, we wanted to highlight how Océanie can support the Armed Forces community. We can do this by outsourcing projects and collaborating with fellow self-employed/ small business Associate VAs. As Océanie grows, our work model has the potential to suit many lifestyles in the Armed Forces community. Interested? Well, keep reading.

If you have the right knowledge, skills (directly or transferable), mindset, and a desire for continuous professional development, becoming a VA, could be for you (you are not one already). If you have experience or an interest to learn about the maritime domain, you could be just the kind of person to become an Associate for Océanie.

Are you a reservist who struggles with conflicting priorities regarding your part-time service and full/ part-time employment? Or maybe you are Cadet Forces personnel who is dedicated to youth development and would rather have a career that compliments your cadet duty?

If you want to have more autonomy over your professional life, enabling you to have a fulfilling career and a continue with ease your Reserve/ Cadet Forces service, Becoming a VA could be an excellent way to do just that.

Do you have children and/ or elderly relatives you need to care for, meaning you struggle to commit to contracted office hours?

Perhaps you are a stay at home spouse who wants a job, but needs to be at home for your children/ elderly relatives so can't commit to fixed, contracted hours. You could still work 15-20 hours a week, for a variety of clients if you worked from home and you had more negotiating power over when you worked for a client. Again, becoming a VA could mean you can honour your family commitments, whilst still having a career/ small business too.

Are you repeatedly fed up being the 'new staff member' because you follow your service spouse?

Do you struggle with employment because you are as mobile as your spouse due to relocating when your spouse is reposted? Would you prefer a role that you can 'take with you', commit to long term and nurture, regardless of your spouse's posting location? Becoming a VA could enable you to do just that.

Or are you a veteran/ spouse who may also have limiting conditions and/ or disabilities that mean working in a traditional work environment is difficult/ impossible, but you are still perfectly capable of working from home.

Not every condition/ disability means you can't work at all. All it means is that you might not be able to work in an office/ traditional work environment. You can work for yourself at home, where your societal limitations really are not a problem. You work where you are comfortable, in a way that doesn't impact your condition in a detrimental way. Be empowered and work for yourself! Be one of our Associates, especially if you have an understanding of maritime business operations.

Maybe you are a service leaver considering your next role once you are 'de-mod' and must return to civvie street. But, after a significant period of your life been dedicated to 'duty before self', you now want to do something for yourself (whilst still 'serving' a community).

Become your 'boss', own your own small business, and gain a lifestyle you deserve after a full-on military career. The resilience and perseverance you have obtained throughout your service is ideal for a small business owner. You have faced adversity, so have the backbone to roll with the tough times of starting up your own business. You thrive from a challenge, what better and more rewarding challenge than starting your own business... and succeeding! Regardless of your military rank, you are a natural, experienced decision-maker, and can manage complex situations. Utilise it to its maximum capability on civvie street. Being a VA could be ideal for your next chapter. If you have been involved with maritime operations within any of the three military services, be an Associate for Océanie.

If you resonate with any of these scenarios, are interested in starting your own virtual assistant business, and would be interested in outsourcing opportunities with Océanie as one of our Associates, get in touch and let's see what we can do to 'win at life' together.

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