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Free one-hour consultation

Here at Océanie, we like to keep things as straightforward as possible. You can book your FREE one-hour consultation in one of the following ways:




We prefer online booking, the booking calendar can be found below (booking online can only be done 14 days in advance). 



Monday is our consultation day, with an aim to be ready to start by the end of the week, so we start to work with you the following Monday.

After arranging the consultation, we will send you a video call invitation along with a blank version of our booking forms (terms of business agreement, booking form, data processing security instructions). These are for you to read, digest, and have a chance to prepare any questions you may have.


One the day of this meeting, follow the instructions provided in the initial video call invitation. During this meeting, we will discuss in detail items such as your needs, deadlines, payment terms, assignment quality assurance standards, completing the documentation as we go along. We will also discuss in this meeting what you require from our VA and if you are content with using an Associate VA. 

At the end of this meeting, in principle, the mandatory (legal) bit ought to be good to go. However, if any amendments are needed, it is at this stage that we will make them (as agreed in the initial consultation). We will send over a completed version of the forms to you to sign and return once the VA/ AVA has been selected and introduced to you to ensure we provide you the best possible service.


Finally, once we have received a signed copy and either payment in full or the agreed deposit has been received, the assignment will begin (for details on how to pay click here). 

Can't wait to book your free consultation? We can't wait to hear from you. Whilst you are here, head over to our booking calendar, and we can get the ball rolling. 

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