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Océanie is a trading name of Océanie Ltd, a limited company registered in England No. 12163757. ICO Registration No. ZA546808.



Ocean focused virtual business support service, providing our clients with the best possible service. Responsible, personable and ready to be part of your team. Committed to high-quality work, ready to take on your seasonal or special, one-time projects.

From improving your business' credibility to increased productivity, Océanie can increase your efficiency and reduce your long term costs. Add to this utilising remote working, there is no need for additional office space for your business. It's the most dynamic method of business support for your modern business.

Faster, better, just what you need.

Business Support

A dynamic, non-partisan advisor, Océanie promotes Ocean Literacy through Alternative  Education Spaces; aiming to develop public awareness for a sustainable future. 


"Ocean Literacy in Sail Training (OLiST)"  has a unique role in shaping maritime alternative education spaces. Océanie promotes holistic, impartial, innovative and transparent industry insights and influence, transforming conflicting challenges into positive outcomes. The primary objective is to achieve a specific contribution to Sail Training, Ocean Sustainability and Youth Development.

One with the voice, beauty and soul of the ocean: supports the Sustainable Development Goals.

Sail Training